At O.penVAPE we are all about getting the job done and having a good time doing it.  

Our office atmosphere is laid-back and relaxed, and we firmly believe that blue jeans should be the new business attire. We have food and beverages onsite, music playing throughout the office, and an open-door policy for people and dogs alike.

Don’t let the comfortable atmosphere fool you, however. We may look relaxed, but we are working hard to keep up with the staggering growth of the market. In 2013 we grew 1,600% and anticipate continued, exponential growth over the next several years. O.penVAPE is the largest brand in the industry in the U.S. and is internationally distributed. As such, we are looking for hard-working, driven, and creative individuals to help us evolve with this exploding market.

If you are passionate about what you do and think that O.penVAPE sounds like your ideal working environment, then please submit your resume and a cover letter to