Leadership Team

Ralph Morgan

Chief Executive Officer

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Ralph Morgan is both a founder and the Chief Executive Officer at O.penVAPE. His expertise in the MMJ and medical device industries is instrumental in maintaining optimal performance in the day-to-day operations at O.penVAPE. Morgan is responsible for executing the strategy and vision of the company.  

Morgan has founded and is a partner in several MMJ businesses including Organa Labs, an infused product Manufacturer based in Denver and licensed to several other states, O.penVape, a personal portable vaporizer, and several MMJ retail centers in Denver Colorado. Ralph completed his undergrad degree at the University of Nevada, Reno with an emphasis in Advertising and a minor in Marketing.  He was a manufacturer's rep for medical implantable devices working for such companies as Smith and Nephew and Stryker Orthopaedics.  He was the VP of Sales and Marketing, then the VP of Business Development for Med1Online, an internet-based capital equipment company. In late 2009, Ralph and his wife Heidi Morgan, who became fascinated in the profound medicinal efficacy of MMJ, opened a retail location in Denver Colorado called Evergreen Apothecary.  They quickly noticed an unmet demand in the market for consistent, safe and organic products that served as healthier alternatives to smoking cannabis. 

From this unmet demand Organa Labs was born. Ralph enjoys working with the professional and passionate entrepreneurs that the industry has attracted and is proud to be part of the next "Great American Industry".

Jeremy Heidl

Chief Operating Officer

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Jeremy Heidl is a co-founder and the Chief Operating Officer at O.penVAPE. His innate ability to predict market needs and understand what makes people tick has helped shape the O.penVAPE brand into what it is today.

Heidl has had an enterprising spirit from a young age. As a discerning 3rd grader, he was the only student in his class to realize that because lunch cost $0.90, each of his classmates had $0.10 sitting, unused, in their pockets after lunch. Ever the businessman, Jeremy took to selling Blow Pops to his classmates at $0.10/ea.

His entrepreneurial attitude carried into his twenties when he started his first business, a trucking company, at the age of 21. Jeremy’s trucking company soon became one of the largest in Atlanta. At 24, he led the acquisition of a 27-year-old heavy equipment distributor, adding a second company to his entrepreneurial portfolio.

In 2010, he recognized yet another opportunity, and he and his wife, Amanda Heidl (also an O.penVAPE co-founder), liquidated their assets and moved west to follow the “green rush.”

He and his wife started a dispensary and a grow facility upon arriving in Colorado and, in 2012, he came together with Ralph Morgan to begin what would soon become O.penVAPE.

Jeremy’s ability to recognize market needs has helped O.penVAPE reach its early potential, and will continue to help shape and evolve O.penVAPE as it matures. 

Chris McElvany

Chief Technology Officer

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Chris McElvany is a co-founder of O.penVAPE and the Chief Technology Officer. He is responsible for all production operations at O.penVAPE and its brand affiliates, Organa Labs and Bakked.

As an extensive horticultural expert and the original owner of Bakked, McElvany has proven to be an invaluable part of the O.penVAPE team. Chris has more than 18 years of horticultural experience. He is one of the most knowledgeable cannabis and extraction science experts in the industry. Chris has been a part of the cannabis industry in Colorado for more than 11 years, and has always had a life-long dream to own a commercial cannabis operation.

McElvany’s experience has afforded him the opportunity to maintain grows both indoors and outdoors, and his overall, commanding knowledge of the cannabis industry is instrumental in day-to-day operations at O.penVAPE. 

Chris Driessen


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Organa Brands, the parent company of O.penVAPE, is the largest consumer cannabis brand in the United States with products available in over 1,200 dispensaries and collectives in 9 states and Jamaica. 

As President, Driessen is responsible for all aspects of day to day operations, corporate strategy and overall performance of the company. 

Chris has a deep sales and leadership background and has risen through the ranks at O.penVAPE. He has performed highly at every level and overseen dramatic revenue growth for the past several years. He was the architect responsible for tripling the number of states in the licensee network and expanding the international presence into both Europe and the Caribbean.

A born leader with an ability to motivate and make those around him perform at a higher level, he now takes the helm at Headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Driessen will be tasked with delivering ever higher revenue gains, rolling out new brands and delivering new products to both the THC and CBD markets. Chris will oversee operations at the extraction lab, fulfillment center and corporate office, where he will be expected to increase efficiency and maintain or improve an already healthy bottom line.

The future of Organa Brands is bright with 6 new licensees expected to join the family over the next 12 months and multiple new brands to be unveiled. The company anticipates continued rapid revenue growth and an ever expanding footprint unparalleled in the legal cannabis industry.